Timeline Planning


Morning Preparation

 Ideally I like to have at least  30-60 mins with the Groom and  Groomsmen as well as 90-120mins with the Bride and bridesmaids to capture some fo the hair and makeup preparation as well as the bride getting dressed. 

Bridal Portraits

You should be planning for anywhere from 60-90 minutes for the  location portraits. This will however depend on how big or small your bridal party is and how many locations you would like to visit (as well as how far away they are from the reception venue). 

When Things Don’t Go To Plan

It’s pretty common for little things to go a bit pear shaped on your big day.  They keep is to take a deep breath and not panic - there is  always a solution! I like to let my couples know it’s a really good idea to build in a bit of buffer time into your schedule, so that way, if things do take longer than expected or go wrong (like the celebrant running late or some of your guests are stuck in traffic before the ceremony), that you’ve got a bit of room to move without throwing out the rest of the days’ order.  That way, if you're lucky enough for everything to be perfectly on track, then you have even more time for celebrating with loved ones, or a longer portrait session if beautiful light! 

When It Rains

Firstly, don’t panic! We can still get some wonderful photographs of your day! In fact, some of the best portraits are taken in overcast or gloomy conditions. If it is raining on the day, I recommend that you arrange to bring along some umbrellas for you and the bridal party (if you have one) - preferably clear, plain white or silver.