Where to from here?

Photographing a wedding day is not only an honour and privilege, it’s a very personal experience. This may seem an obvious piece of  advice, but in the rush and stress of planning it can be overlooked...

You should choose a wedding photographer who's pictures you really LOVE and one that you’re excited about booking.  Our styles are all different and unique (like fingerprints) and there are many amazing photographers out there - so choose one you are comfortable with and who’s images will represent your personalities and style.

The day is going to go by in a flash (trust me, I’ve been in your shoes too), but long after the dance floor has cleared and the last piece of cake has been eaten, your photographs will be all that remains.

As I only accept a small number of bookings each year, it’s important to me to build great relationships with my clients. Not only will this ensure that we have a great connection, but it will help you be more relaxed and comfortable with my camera around all day! If you’re relaxed, comfortable and having fun, your images will reflect that.

A meeting with me will give you the opportunity to see a selection of sample albums and will give us the opportunity to chat more about your plans for the big day! I normally meet at my home studio in the Hills District of Sydney (evenings are often most convenient), but if you’re not able to meet me in person, that’s okay… We can meet over the phone or Skype too!

An in-person meeting usually takes 30-60 mins and will let you look through my work in detail and once we've met, I will hold your date tentatively for 7 days, whilst you chat to each other and decide what package works best. 

To book a metting and check my avialability for your date, simply fill in the contact form with as much info as you can and we'll set up a convenient time!

I look forward to meeting you!